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ICC Profiles and Soft Proofing

Our ICC profiles are available only for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom (from version 6 and up). Currently we’re providing one ICC profile for each product:

If you need instructions about how you can use our ICC profiles and soft proof your images, please check our tutorials:

Use Soft Proofing for great printing results!

Soft Proofing represents the ability to check how your photo will appear after is printed. You can use the information provided by soft proof to prevent colour distortion by adjusting your picture according to your preferences before you print it.

Calibrate your monitor

UA very important step is to use a calibrated monitor while you adjust your image. You can calibrate your monitor by using a special tool like Colorimeter.

ICC colour profiles

Setting up the soft proofing requires ICC colour profiles that will help you to match the exact colours of your image. Proper calibration of the ICC profile is essential for digital photo printing in order to maintain true image colours.

With a calibrated monitor and a soft proofed picture you’ll surely get the desired result.