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What is the delivery time?

Standard: 7-10 working days
Express: 3-5 working days

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1. Create an account or Sign in


2. Choose your products

  • Visit the "Products" area.
  • Choose the type of product (Zor-Alu, Zor-Glass, Zor-Ex, Zor-Canvas).

3. Upload your image and choose the desired format.

  • Upload your image and choose the desired format.
  • If necessary, you can use the "Crop" button to adjust your image to the format.
  • Click Add to cart button.


4. Placing your order.

  • Click "Proceed to checkout" or "Continue Shopping", if you want to add another product.
  • The "Proceed to checkout" button will redirect you to the checkout page to finish placing your order.
  • Fill in the Address form.
  • Choose Shipping and Payment methods and click "Place Order" At this point, I will be redirected to the secure payment gateway.