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tirage photo sur alu dibond

Metal photo prints on Aluminium Dibond


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Custom sizes & formats

Are you a creative person? Display your artwork in a precise unique way by printing your picture in a custom size

High Quality Prints

We know how important is the quality for our clients. That’s why we assure you that the quality will be top

50 Years brilliant colours

Enjoy your print for a long time without worrying about fading - 50 years of brilliant colors are assured by ZOR

Best prices

Too good to be true? Everybody should be able to acquire a high quality print. With ZOR you get the best quality for the best price no matter what

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is first thing that matters to us, that’s why we will surely solve any complaint you may have in no-time

Direct printing

Your picture is UV directly printed onto the aluminium plate to ensure durability and stability

Choose Aluminium
for your photos

Make your photos shine with high quality aluminium printing. You will get the most vibrant colours and incredible image clarity. Our modern metal photo prints can bring elegance and refinement to any space.

metal photo prints

Direct print on aluminium, because it is a very popular process, will help you get enduring, high-impact prints. Day by day amateur and professional photographers rely on this support when it comes to printing.

Why don’t you give it a try yourself?
You will get some seriously beautiful prints!

Aluminium Printing
A solid choice for your images

Your photos are printed onto aluminium using top-notch printing technology and the finest 50 Year Brilliant Colors that ensure excellent picture quality combined with long-lasting durability.

print on aluminium plate

Our Alu-Dibond prints have a flat, matt and satin finish that makes colors appear more radiant. It presents a non-glare view and isn’t predisposed of being speckled by fingerprints. If you’re thinking of printing a photo where clarity is mandatory, then a matte finish will suit you the best.

aluminium photo prints

The 3mm Dibond plate consists of 2 thin sheets of aluminium and a low density core of polyethylene. It’s extremely durable and sturdy, yet remarkably lightweight, a great support for printing high quality and high resolution pictures.

Aluminium is one of the best materials for photo prints because it offers an exquisite finish, but without the risk of corrosion that is associated with some other metals. It can be drilled, screwed or nailed to almost any surface. No need to worry that it may rust or crack. Due to the lightweight, these remarkable traits make aluminium prints the perfect solution for both short and long-term displays.

A creative hanging system
for a creative aluminium print!

Forget about nail holes in your walls or complicated mounting systems. With our hanging strips, you can put your artwork on display in a matter of minutes and without damaging your walls.

How to mount
your print

You can check our detailed tutorial about how you can easily mount your metal prints using 3M Hanging strips without a headache.

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3m hanging strips
alu dibond mounting

Why choose the
3M Hanging strips

instead of a classic mounting system?

  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • No nail holes
  • No residue left after removal
  • Damage-free hanging system
  • Can be applied to multiple surfaces such as painted/varnished wood, metal, tile, painted drywall and glass

What is the direct printing
process on aluminium?

Our printing system ensures the best results for the direct printing process.

The colour is applied directly to the dibond sheet. Zor metal prints have a matte, reflectionless finish, with a satin sheen. We guarantee that the result of the printing process will be striking.

Aluminium photo prints are water resistant, so they can be used for outdoor purposes too.

direct print on aluminium
  • Your photos are directly printed on aluminium
  • The thickness of the aluminium plate is 3 mm
  • Matte surface with low reflection
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Stable, rigid, lightweight
  • UV resistant
  • Very easy to clean
  • No-damage wall hanging system
  • Custom size photo prints available
  • Precise photo reproduction
  • ICC profiles available for advanced users
  • Multiple size options available,
    from 20x30 to 120x80 cm

Various size options to choose for your print

You can display your picture in 5 different formats:

  • Classic Format 2/3
  • Numeric Format 3/4
  • Portrait Format 5/4
  • Square Design Format 1/1
  • Panoramic Format

With ZOR you can choose between 13 standard sizes (from 20x30 cm to 120x80 cm). If you want to create a unique design you can order the desired custom size (from 20x20 cm to 100x100 cm) through our service. We will print your picture on aluminium in the exact size that you‘ve specified in your order. See formats and prices or check our custom size page, to choose your specific size.

large aluminium photo prints

Use ICC profile
for the best printing experience!

icc profile for alu prints

Get the best possible print output and extremely accurate colour reproduction by using our ICC profiles. For professional photographers, it is vital to get true and vibrant colors on display. Luckily, they can ensure that it happens every time, by using the right ICC profile before printing your images on aluminium.

If you want to learn more about how you can soft-proof your pictures, please check our ICC page.

Delivery and Packaging

As soon as your order is placed, we get a notification and we start the production process. The time frame for production varies because it depends on the size of your order. But don’t worry, you will be announced through email about your order status and we will do our best to fabricate and to ship your photo prints in time.

Your print is perfectly secure in our reinforced packaging and will reach your home safely.

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safe and secure packaging

Print your unforgettable memories
on Aluminium Dibond

We aim to offer you the best solution for printing your memories on aluminium. If you just came back from your vacation and your camera is full of great pictures, don’t just download them on your computer. Decorate your walls with Alu-Dibond prints and be assured that you will have modern high-quality prints in your home, that will stand out in any room you choose to display them.

your memories printed on alu

A metal aluminium print is an ideal choice for a large format print to decorate your living room or a small sized print to decorate your patio.

How do I order my unique prints?

With it is very easy to print your photo on aluminium by following the steps below:

  1. Select a high resolution picture
  2. Choose your preferred size
  3. Adjust your photo according to your preferences
  4. Add the 3M Hanging System by checking the box below the product
  5. Add your picture in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout
  6. Enter your shipping address
  7. Place your order and let us take care of the rest
how to order your aluminium print

Additionally, through Zor you can print your photos on Acrylic Glass, if you're looking for a shiny and sturdy support. If lightweight is a very important aspect for you, then our Forex photo-prints will be your best choice.