For the best colour reproduction use our ICC profiles located on FAQ page

How to order?

For placing an order you can follow the instructions on the page How to order

How to enquire about order information

If you have any questions about your order, send us an email to contact(at)

What resolution is required in order to print my photo?

Thanks to our online tool, once when you uploaded your image, a message will inform you if the resolution is too low. The minimum resolution of 100 pixels by inch is necessary for having a high quality print.

What is the maximum size of my image?

You can upload an image up to 200MB in size.

What image formats are allowed?

Our system allows you to upload the most popular formats: JPG (.jpg, .jpeg) and PNG (.png)

What color profile should I use?

For a better results, use Adobe RGB profile color for your images. You can modify this profile thanks to a program of retouching the image. By using the profile Adobe RGB, you will obtain the same colors as your image file.

Where can I find the ICC Profiles for the soft proofing?

You can download the ICC files here:

Install the profile ICC for the soft proofing, in Photoshop.

First of all download the corresponding profile to your products (files above).

1. Install the profile

After you’ve downloaded the profile, you have to import it.

  • MAC OS X: copy the files from the Folder /Library/ColorSync/Profiles
  • Windows: right click on the file and select the "Install Profile".

2. Install the Soft proofreading.

Now open the photo of your choice in Photoshop. The Soft proofing is in the View -> Proof Setup -> Custom

In the window "Proof Conditions" you can enter here the name of the profile that correspond to the chosen product. The profile should be always filed in the field "Device to Simulate". You will find the title like in our profiles in the picture below.

After you have selected the correct ICC profile, don’t forget to check: Black Point Compensation, Simulate Paper Color and Simulate Black Ink.

3. Use the Proof Setup

Select "View -> Proof Colors" - you can have a view of your image with or without the colors of proofing. You have also the possibility to use the soft proofing with the following combinations: « CTRL + Y » or ⌘ + Y (on MAC) to see the difference between your image and its soft proofing version.

You can find the full detailed process of setting the ICC profile in this article from our blog

Do you apply any treatment to the images?

ZOR does not apply a single treatment to your images. Not a single manual modification or change is brought to your file. Please consider the Preview step of your product. What you see at this step, will be the product that you will receive. As long as you use Adobe RGB profile for your images. we guarantee you the fidelity of the colours

What are the delivery times?

With our standard service, your order will arrive to you in 7-10 working days. With our express service, you can have your prints delivered in no time. Your order will arrive to you in 3-5 working days. For this service we charge an additional fee, that is calculated according to the value of items you have in your shopping basket.

What delivery methods do you offer?

We offer Home delivery.

What is the Delivery Cost?

We have a separate page that contains all the information regarding delivery costs. Feel free to check it out: Delivery

Why should I subscribe to receive Newsletters?

By subscribing to our Newsletter, you will be kept up to date and informed about our special offers. Zor, regularly launches limited offers, limited in time or quantity. Subscribing to our mailling list ensures you will never miss any of these offers. For 100% deliverability, make sure you add our email address to your Address Book.

What is the quality of your products?

Our Canvas has the highest quality available and we are using the special HP Latex inks that guarantees the brilliance and the fidelity of colours. Thanks to their high resistance to the UV ray, our prints on Canvas keeps the colours for 50 years. We are printing on other supports as well, thanks to the technology of direct UV printing and we are using only the best quality product supports. Using the best quality for our product supports as well as using the most modern and advanced technology for printing, guarantees you the best service in the printing domain.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payments as well as PayPal

Is the payment secure?

For payments using credit card - You payment is directly managed by Ogone (Ingenico) the largest enterprise in online payments. This guarantees the best online payment security and fraud protection available.

How do you package my order?

Here at Zor, we pay the greatest attention to package our products: we make sure all our products are protected in order to arrive intact to you. We use a special protection to all corners in order to reinforce their protection.