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What is ZOR-Signature?

If you are a creative person who loves printing his favorite pictures on aluminium, we have great news for you. With ZOR Alu branded you can get the same vibrant colours and brilliant metal effects, at a lower price up to 30% (depending on sizes) by printing your photo with ZOR logo.

What sizes are available for this service?

You can choose between 5 different classic sizes to print your photo on alu dibond: 20x30, 30x30, 40x30, 40x40 and 60x40.

Where will be positioned ZOR logo?

Our logo will be positioned at bottom right of the image with a margin of 1 cm from the edge.

What are the dimensions of ZOR logo?

Dimension of the logo is variable, depending on the size you choose to print your photo. The logo width varies from 2.2 cm to 4.4 cm and the height is maintaining its aspect ratio.

If you want to print your pictures on aluminium without our ZOR logo, click here.